Develop courage

Develop courage

Present Tense Affirmations 
I am courageous 
I am brave
I am fearless
I always stand up for myself
I am developing courage
I am ready for anything that comes my way
I am strong and full of courage
I push through my fear and do it anyway
I am courageous when others are scared
My courage helps to inspire others

Future Tense Affirmations 
I will develop courage 
I will smash through fear and rise to the occasion
I am becoming more courageous with each passing day
I will transform into a strong and fearless person
Fearlessness is developing within me
Each day I feel stronger and more courageous
Others will notice my fearlessness
I will always stand up for what I believe in
I will speak up for myself
I am becoming more daring and adventurous

Natural Affirmations
I am naturally courageous
Courage comes easily to me
I always find a way to call forth courage when I need it
I am the kind of person who feels fear but does it anyway
Being brave comes naturally to me
Developing courage is something I just know I can do
Being strong in the face of adversity is one of my best traits
Others look to me for leadership at difficult times
Standing up for myself is something I just naturally do
It is important that I become a courageous person

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