Present Tense Affirmations 
I am free from my past regrets 
I am living my life without regrets
I am at peace with my past regrets
My mind is focused on enjoying the present moment
I am on the path to a brighter future
I accept my life and everything I have done
I live in the present and look to the future
I am letting go of my past regrets
I am always positive even when remembering my past regrets
I accept my past regrets knowing they have made me a better person

Future Tense Affirmations 
I will live without regrets 
My enthusiasm for life is growing
I am starting to live life to the max
Accepting my past becomes easier with each passing day
I am transforming into someone who lives happily in the present moment
Letting go of my regrets is becoming easier and more natural
I will move on with my life
I will become free from regrets
I am starting to see that my future will be bright and happy
I am beginning to see my past in a more positive light

Natural Affirmations
I deserve to live a live without regrets
I find it easy to live without regrets
Living my life free from regrets comes naturally to me
I have accepted my past regrets and am now ready for the future
It will feel incredible to free myself from past regrets
I am moving forward and leaving my regrets in the past
I have hope for a brighter future
Living a life free from regrets will make me happy and content
I have accepted my regrets and am ready to move on
My mind is relaxed and focused on the present moment

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