Check out my story which will continue through out the  coming days I am hoping my journey can help others who do not have a voice yet we all have our own stories/journies we can learn from each other and feel less alone in sharing what we  have been through we are all survivors nobody’s story is more important than anothers we are all equals….. Sharing coping mechanisms at the same time while we share you never know who you might be helping so reach out what do you have to lose I feel less alone with my support group and here after I decided to post my journey again more to come in the following days here is the link to my new page JanS Mind MatterS below:


This is just to start I dont want to over whelm with a long story too much to read a little at a time would be better I thought and be more thorough….. JmaC thanks for taking the time to read comments are always welcome any time.



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