Healing Light Positive Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations
I enjoy radiant energy from within
Today, the sun reminds me that I am made of light
With this breath, I bless the world
I am loving kindness in action and am healer and healed
My body is whole and healthy, and so it is
Within and without, I feel balanced and healthy
My mind, body and spirit are united for my highest good
In all ways, now, I am free of illness
Light glows from every cell of my body, with each step I am whole
I am opened to healthy choices


Future Tense Affirmations
I am willing to choose in the best interest of my health
I am becoming healthier with every choice I make
I will seek that which fills my body with health
I am making changes which bring me to good health
I am watching myself become the person I was meant to be
I willingly am rising to the challenges of better choices
I am becoming an inspiration to myself and others, as I grow
I am seeing healthy goals as a way to love myself
I will find the secrets to my passionate health
I am seeking the wise person within


Natural Affirmations
This body is a beloved temple, with whom I am well-pleased
When joy in health is reflected by the exercise I choose
Hope springs from every cell of my healthy body
Everyday, I learn something wonderful about my own health needs
Healing is just two letters away from health
The flow of all positive thoughts affects me, and adds to my enjoyment
The Light shines in all the dark places, to make me healthy and whole
I can do what I set out to do, because my health is important to me
Health is gentle and kind, and in my life, this is my goal
Peace is a way to bring health to my heart
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