Free Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations

I am happy with life

I am resistant to damaging influence

I am contempt with my life

I enjoy whatever life throws at me

I am able to build strong relationships

I recover from unsettling setbacks

I am easygoing

I handle stressful situations with poise

I am open to guidance from my peers

I am in control of my emotions

Future Tense Affirmations

I will be more emotionally stable

I will look on the bright side of things

I will be happy with what I have

I am becoming more emotionally healthy

I will be able to maintain healthy relationships

I will feel good about myself

I will see myself in a better light

I will appreciate life for all it’s worth

I will be more open to change

I will live life to the fullest

Natural Affirmations

I am naturally happy

I have high levels of confidence

I trust my abilities to adapt to change

Others see me as emotionally steady

My self-esteem is high

I am naturally laid-back

I can recover from stress

Change is easy to adjust to

I am self-disciplined

I appreciate all that life has to offer

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