35 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

IF you believe the phrase “you are what we think”, then life truly stems from your thoughts. But we cannot rely purely on thoughts; we must translate thoughts into words and eventually into actions in order to manifest our intentions.
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Rope Swinging over a river

Rope Swinging over a river

If you believe the phrase you are what you think, then life truly stems from your thoughts. But we cannot rely purely on thoughts; we must translate thoughts into words and eventually into actions in order to manifest our intentions. This means we have to be very careful with our words, choosing to speak only those which work towards our benefit and cultivate our highest good. Affirmations help purify our thoughts and restructure the dynamic of our brains so that we truly begin to think nothing is impossible. The word affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, strengthen.”

Affirmations do indeed strengthen us by helping us believe in the potential of an action we desire to manifest. When we verbally affirm our dreams and ambitions, we are instantly empowered with a deep sense of reassurance that our wishful words will become reality.

Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains. Much like exercise, they raise the level of feel-good hormones and push our brains to form new clusters of “positive thought” neurons(http://www.arlenetaylor.org/brain-care/953-affirmation). In the sequence of thought-speech-action, affirmations play an integral role by breaking patterns of negative thoughts, negative speech, and, in turn, negative actions.

The art of the spoken word is critical in crafting our futures. As a teacher of spirituality, it is my firm belief that we influence the universe word by word. If we dictate to it our wishes, it will respond. When we utter a sound, we emit a sound wave into the universe. This sound wave pierces through the air and becomes a real object. It therefore exists in our world, intangible and invisible. No words are empty words, as every syllable we speak engages energy towards or against us. If you constantly say “I can’t,” the energy of your words will repel the universal force against you. But if you say “I can!” the universe will endow you with the abilities to do just that. So speak away; relinquish your fears and purge your anger, predict your own future and live up to your potential with the 35 affirmations that will change your life:

1.) I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.


2.) Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.


3.) My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.


4.) I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.


5.) I have been given endless talents which I begin to utilize today.


6.) I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them.


7.) A river of compassion washes away my anger and replaces it with love.


8.) I am guided in my every step by Spirit who leads me towards what I must know and do.


9.) (If you’re married) My marriage is becoming stronger, deeper, and more stable each day.


10.) I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.


11.) (For business owners) My business is growing, expanding, and thriving.


12.) Creative energy surges through me and leads me to new and brilliant ideas.


13.) Happiness is a choice. I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I’ve been given.


14.) My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite.



15.) (For those who are unemployed) I deserve to be employed and paid well for my time, efforts, and ideas. Each day, I am closer to finding the perfect job for me.


16.) I am courageous and I stand up for myself.


17.) My thoughts are filled with positivity and my life is plentiful with prosperity.


18.) Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones.


19.) Many people look up to me and recognize my worth; I am admired.


20.) I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.


21.) I acknowledge my own self-worth; my confidence is soaring.


22.) Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.


23.) I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible.


24.) Though these times are difficult, they are only a short phase of life.



25.) My future is an ideal projection of what I envision now.


26.) My efforts are being supported by the universe; my dreams manifest into reality before my eyes.


27.) (For those who are single) The perfect partner for me is coming into my life sooner than I expect.


28.) I radiate beauty, charm, and grace.


29.) I am conquering my illness; I am defeating it steadily each day.


30.) My obstacles are moving out of my way; my path is carved towards greatness.


31.) I wake up today with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind.


32.) My fears of tomorrow are simply melting away.


33.) I am at peace with all that has happened, is happening, and will happen.


34.) My nature is Divine; I am a spiritual being.


35.) My life is just beginning.

You can utilize any of these affirmations alone or create your own unique combination based on your personal wishes and needs. What is most important is to establish a profound communication with the universe — so say it with conviction, say it in your own unique voice, and make it happen in the real world.


Affirming my love,
Dr. Carmen Harra


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Top 100 positive Affirmation list.

List of Positive Affirmations

  • I am successful in whatever I do
  • I plan my work and work my plan
  • I focus on what is truly essential
  • I will make the most of new opportunities
  • Good flows to me, good flows from me
  • I feel wonderful and alive
  • I feel the joy of abundance
  • I speak with confidence and calm assurance
  • The universe provides for my every want and need
  • I am healthy and happy
  • I have a lot of energy
  • I radiate happiness
  • I am successful in whatever I do
  • Everything is getting better every day
  • My mind is calm
  • I am always on the path of success & victory
  • I am peace with myself
  • I find peace and joy in all aspects of my life
  • I have value and I matter
  • I am a success in all that I do
  • I am happy.
  • I feel joy, love, and abundance
  • I am one with my inner child
  • I am amazing
  • I can do anything
  • I am prepared to succeed
  • Positivity is a choice
  • I am fabulous, funny, and giving
  • I am outstanding
  • I am unique and special and most importantly I am me
  • I am financially free
  • I am perfect exactly as I am
  • I focus on what is truly essential
  • I make positive healthy choices
  • I am in control of my reactions
  • I find all solutions within me
  • All is well in my life
  • I will make the most of new opportunities
  • I organize my priorities with clarity
  • I forgive myself
  • I am forgiven
  • I will always be there for myself
  • I enjoy the variety of life
  • I am my own guru
  • I take good care of myself
  • I am patient with myself
  • I let go of my past
  • I am evolving eternally
  • I know I can always upgrade
  • There is a gift for me in everything that I experience
  • I follow my inner guidance
  • I appreciate my physical body
  • I treat my body well
  • I take it easy
  • I make room for fun and playfulness
  • I appreciate intimacy
  • I am very good at letting go
  • I am grateful for my life
  • I love being myself
  • Time is on my side
  • I surrender to love
  • I invite bliss
  • I learn from my past
  • I am good at walking the talk
  • I enjoy being taken good care of by the universe
  • I create my reality on a continuous basis
  • My body is healthy
  • I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions
  • I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them
  • I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful
  • My business is growing, expanding, and thriving
  • My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless
  • My potential to succeed is infinite
  • I am courageous and I stand up for myself
  • My thoughts are filled with positivity and my
    • my life is plentiful with prosperity
    • I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends
    • I am a powerhouse
    • My future is an ideal projection of what I envision now
    • I radiate beauty, charm, and grace
    • I am conquering my illness
    • I wake up today with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind
    • My fears of tomorrow are simply melting away
    • My life is just beginning
    • The assertion that something exists or is true
    • I always have everything I need to be happy
    • I live a positive life and only attract the best in my life
    • I am peacefully allowing my life to unfold
    • Today, and every day, I choose to be happy
    • I am fun energetic and people love me for it
    • My life overflows with happiness and love
    • Today is rich with opportunity and I open my heart to receive them
    • I take the time to show my friends that I care about them
    • I am thankful that I get to live another day
    • I see the world with beauty and color
    • I deserve whatever good comes my way today
    • I believe in myself
    • I radiate confidence, certainty and optimism
    • I courageously open and move through every door of opportunity
    • I am in charge of my life
    • I have the power to love my dreams
    • My mind has unlimited power
    • I stand up for what I believe in
    • I act with courage and confidence
    • I love myself more everyday
    • I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends

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How Your Brain Creates Your Sense of Self

Some years ago one of my neighbors worked in the film industry doing special effects. He showed me a brief clip for one of his projects, of a whale swimming underwater, and he mentioned that the powerful computers at his company had worked overnight to render that single beautiful scene. It seemed remarkable to me that it had taken many hours for their equipment to create a few seconds of imagery that the brain could produce at any time in the theater of imagination. The circuitry of this inner theater has been one of the major evolutions of the brain over the past several million years. It’s an extraordinary capability that helped our ancestors survive, and it aids and enriches our lives today. But it has some drawbacks, and it’s important to learn how to use it wisely and not let it use you.

Watching Your Inner Movie

Our powerful brains allow us to mental time travel and have a strong sense of self. We draw on our neural networks for what’s called affective forecasting; affective is a psychological term that means “relating to moods, feelings, and attitudes.” This forecasting involves imagining and evaluating different scenarios, such as considering how it would feel to talk with someone in a certain way or simply wondering, “What would taste good for dinner tonight?”

Pause for a moment and consider how much time you spend in the mental activities that draw on these powerful neural capacities. For most of us, it’s a lot. Experientially, we’re caught up each day in many mini-movies in which there is a kind of “I” observing various situations, people, events…and often a “me” to whom things are happening…with lots of thoughts and feelings about the show.

The more a person’s mind wanders, the more it tends to tilt negatively, toward anxiety, resentment, regret, and self-criticism.

This ability, evolutionarily speaking, helped our human and hominid ancestors to get better at learning from the past and planning for the future. But sometimes we just need a break to daydream, which can reveal creative connections and hopeful possibilities. These capabilities have brought many benefits. Still, they’ve come with a price.





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Please be patient

Hi all


Its’s been a long time since I have posted please be patient. I only have access to the blog via cell phone. So it is hard to copy paste etc. new news. I will be posting from books and my own experiences and etc. again

Thanks for your understanding. Stay safe out there. Jan/JmaC

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Mental Health article


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Warning signs


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JmaC Here & Now

My mood has been up and down. I must  admit it has been better than before though. I think it has to do with all the worry about the procedure, in my hand, and now that it is over I have nothing to worry  about except healing, hopefully the procedure is a success, there is a 30% chance, odds are low. Getting  the feeling back in my right hand but it will take a long year to heal to see if it was a success.


On a good note the pain is gone so that is something.  But already I am able to move my fourth and fifth finger although they are still numb I have control over them, and that was just after 6 days so I have high hopes to get back to my drilling the wood again my hobbies etc. and most importantly maybe a part time job with the pain under control so far in  that area anyways. The other physical issues that have effects of pain I am basically use to and are tolerable so keeping fingers crossed….

LoL JmaC

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Jan’S BP & Me….

BP & ME # 2

The journey called Bipolar disorder is no typical journey that just anyone takes, yes a lot of people have it a lot worse in their lives, some a lot better. But I speak of the journey we are taking together. This journey is complex and challenging yet a learning experience, it can ruin relationships, marriages, careers, and ones self worth, and zap us of our inner strength. At times it is overwhelming all consuming and we preserve each day. Yes, it will knock us down, beat us up, rob us, and threaten us. And attempt to destroy us after time But we preserve each day, we may fall down but we get up again and again. This is survival at its best!

They say you can not pick your relatives but you can pick your friends. Friends are something you can not buy in a store or wish for. They are special bonds woven through similar experiences, struggles, challenged, heart aches, as well as success and unforgettable memories. We need to treasure our friends they can be our support life Davies when family just don’t understand. Friends listen, never judge you or tell you that they don’t care. We all need friends just as we need air to breathe.

You will have a better tomorrow if only you think about today. You will not have a good day if you just sit around and think of yesterday. Out BP journey is like a domino effect. We get through yesterday, put that day in the past move on through today and work through it. Tomorrow what it can bring to us is fresh and new and the beginning of the day’s possibilities. Always look forward to tomorrow and what it may bring us as you travel through the peaks and valleys and when you reach that peak hang on, because the view at the top is much brighter.

When sadness knocks at your door don’t answer it! It will leave and when happiness knocks answer it and bring it into your life. Do not be frightened when it leaves when you least expect it, it shall return. The journey continues to walk the road of challenge, adversity, and obstacles. Even when the odds are against us we continue to go on with complete effort. Never stop trying and we will never feel there is no chance to win. And if we face the right direction on this road that has been given to us we have to keep going, no matter how difficult this road may be, we may feel despair, loneliness, and be afraid but we will not falter and we may not be there yet but we are much closer as of yesterday and what we get by reaching our destination is not nearly as vital of what we will find and whom we may become when we do.

Moving forward not looking back is key to continue on this journey. Yes, we have made it mistakes burned a lot of bridges but who hasn’t. Learning to live and forgive oneself is the first step towards moving forward. We have difficult times during this BP journey and we may at times feel we are so alone, so different and cannot give anymore but we have and continue to do so. For its not the BP which defined us as who we are, nor will we let it control our lives. Our relationship with BP is not a close one, nor do we want it to be, but the relationship we have with ourselves is an important one. Loving ourselves, understanding ourselves! What we are about and who we are. The BP life is a journey we take every day.

Whether we notice or not all things in life are connected some way. We live with the intention to live and continue to learn. The doors of our lives that we open today will decide the lives we live. As we look back life is different yet it stays the same, everything is relative, and all the struggles, fears, hopes and dreams will return again, for life always changes, just as quickly as it remains the same. But the difference is with each return we always have a hope of a new day for a chance at a better life. The journey of life is connected and everything is relative for the strength and hope will continue to return.


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Antidepressant Use on the Rise

Antidepressants are one of the three most commonly used drug classes in the U.S. and a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlights the growing use of antidepressants in the U.S. Almost 13 percent of people age 12 and over in 2011-2014 used antidepressants in the past month, up from just under 8 percent in 1999-2002. One-quarter of people who took antidepressants had done so for 10 years or more.


Depression is common; an estimated 7 percent of U.S. adults (16 million people) had a major depressive episode in the past year and more than one in three did not receive any treatment. Depression is more common in women than men and more common in adults 40 to 59 years than other age groups. Untreated depression can contribute to difficulties at work, with family and with social activities, and is associated with an increased risk for other conditions, such as heart disease. Depression is typically treated with medication, therapy or a combination of the two.

According to the CDC report, women are almost twice as likely as men to take antidepressants, a trend that has been consistent over many years and consistent across age groups and racial/ethnic groups. (See charts.) As people get older, they are more likely to use antidepressants: 3.4 percent of people aged 12 – 19 used antidepressants, while nearly one in five people (19 percent) aged 60 and older used antidepressants. Non-Hispanic whites were three times more likely to have taken antidepressants than Asians, blacks or Hispanics.

While most antidepressants are used to treat depression, they are also taken to treat other conditions, such as anxiety, the CDC report notes. About half of people with depression in the past year took prescription medication, and about 13 percent saw a health professional but did not take medication, according to a report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


Oct. 5 is National Depression Screening Day, raising awareness about depression and encouraging people to take action. Screening can be an important first step in helping someone to get help for depression. This year’s theme, Speaking Your Mind, encourages people to talk about their experience. Whether talking to a friend or family member, to a primary care doctor or a mental health professional, sharing your story can help you and help others.

Visit www.HelpYourselfHelpOthers.org to locate a mental health screening site or take an online screening. After completing a screening, individuals receive referral information to local agencies that offer further evaluation and treatment if needed. You can support the effort with the hashtags #NDSD and #SpeakYourMind.



  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. NCHS Data Brief No. 283: Antidepressant Use Among Persons Aged 12 and Over: United States, 2011–2014. August 2017.
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Bipolar Disorder that’s what the Pdoc’S Call it?

Bipolar Disorder that’s what the Pdoc’S called it.

That’s what the Pharmacist called it.

That’s not what I call it.

I call it the voices screaming in my head.

I call it the battle I fight every day.

I call it the reason I cry every night!

How do u think pills could hide it?

Why do u think I have to change?

Why should I have to change?

Why is it wen I don’t change I have to shout?

I slam, I sit, & I cry!

Or just do nothing @ all.

Why is it that I feel nothing @ all?


Why can’t the tears just fall?

Why am I lazy?

Why am I weak?

Losing the battle within!

Why does my heart shatter?

Letting the dreams win!

Bipolar Disorder it’s a monster!

That sleeps within!

Bipolar Disorder don’t let it win!!!!


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