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10 Truths About Panic Attacks

Your mind starts to race, your heart begins to pound, and you feel dizzy, shaky, and numb all at once. Panic attacks can be a horrifying experience – check out what readers have to say about panic attacks and … Continue reading

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Walking On Eggshells May Be The Best Strategy For A Chronically Anxious Partner

Editor’s Note: This article is based on studies conducted by the author, as Principal Investigator, and funded by a research award (#1360530) from the National Science Foundation’s Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences. “… implications for how to help people … Continue reading

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Effective Anxiety Treatment

PUBLISHED: 08/03/2016 Samuel Hunley, M.A. from Emory University Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) refers to a broad range of psychological treatments for anxiety disorders. Generally speaking, these clinical approaches seek to alleviate both negative cognitions (i.e., thoughts, beliefs) and maladaptive behaviors … Continue reading

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Even facial expressions can cause anxiety

Unsurprisingly, those with social anxiety fear negative judgement from others, however, recent studies show that positive recognition also cause stress. PUBLISHED: 02/10/2016 0 LIKES Rachel Sluis from Griffith University Mark Boschen, Ph.D. from University of Queensland It is well established … Continue reading

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Anxiety & addiction the connection

The existence of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse disorder comorbidity has been known at least since the early days of PTSD diagnosis. However, less understood is the relationship between other anxiety disorders and substance abuse. Not only PTSD, … Continue reading

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Anxiety & addiction proven treatments

There are three kinds of treatment for nearly any condition: those proven to work, those proven ineffective, and those that are unproven. My previous article explored the role of anxiety in causing substance abuse, showing that treating anxiety along with … Continue reading

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Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation Anxiety Disorder There is an increase in counseling requests when school starts and this is often due to separation anxiety. It is not uncommon for most kids to go through a period of difficulty when separating from parents when being … Continue reading

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Different Moods of Anxiety and How to Tame Them

Anxiety has many different moods; frustratingly, anxiety isn’t a single, simple concept. No one can count on it to be anything other than disruptive and erratic. Perhaps you’ve experienced an all-too-common situation. You’re working hard to manage anxiety. Youranxiety symptoms … Continue reading

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Anxiety DisorderS

Anxiety Disorders (Source: The National Institute of Mental Health) Contents   Introduction   Specific Phobias Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Role of Research in Improving the Understanding and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders Treatment of Anxiety Disorders Psychotherapy Citations Introduction   Anxiety … Continue reading

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Posting off for a few days

Good morning all   I am having issues with my computer. Getting it checked out tomorrow. The next couple of days there may not be much postings. I will be back to posting as soon as possible. Thank you for … Continue reading

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