JmaC Here & Now

My mood has been up and down. I must  admit it has been better than before though. I think it has to do with all the worry about the procedure, in my hand, and now that it is over I have nothing to worry  about except healing, hopefully the procedure is a success, there is a 30% chance, odds are low. Getting  the feeling back in my right hand but it will take a long year to heal to see if it was a success.


On a good note the pain is gone so that is something.  But already I am able to move my fourth and fifth finger although they are still numb I have control over them, and that was just after 6 days so I have high hopes to get back to my drilling the wood again my hobbies etc. and most importantly maybe a part time job with the pain under control so far in  that area anyways. The other physical issues that have effects of pain I am basically use to and are tolerable so keeping fingers crossed….

LoL JmaC

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