“I will Appreciate the Moment”

I will appreciate the moment:

I will notice the good things that are happening to me right now,
whether it’s a beautiful sky, a happy child, an efficient grocery store clerk, or hitting all the green lights
for a change. I don’t know how many years or days I’ll live, so I want to live this moment fully. I will ask
myself often, “If this turns out to be the last day of my life, have I enjoyed it to the fullest extent
possible?” It’s easy to lapse into worrying about the future, or dreaming of better things to come, or
stewing in our regrets over the past while we miss the golden sunlight streaming in our window, or
don’t hear the lovely song playing on the radio. I will try not to miss this moment because I’m so
focused on what I should be doing next.

Even when I am working toward a future goal, I will try to
enjoy the process of getting there. I will ask myself constantly, “What can I do to wring the most joy
from this moment, from this experience?” I will remind myself that taking out the garbage in the rain is
a chance to smell the wet earth, to feel nature’s fresh raindrops on my skin, maybe even to stomp in a
puddle. I will seize every opportunity to laugh and have fun and learn from every task, no matter how
routine or boring. Housework becomes fun when I blast Motown and dance while drying the dishes or
sing along with the Supremes while making the bed, so this is what I will do to make my life joyful.


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