Relaxation and Meditation

Relaxation is essential to the healing process. It’s hard to allow the healing energies to flow with in us if we’re tense and frightened. It tends to lower or normalize blood pressure, pulse rate, and level of stress hormones in the blood.
It’s benefits are also multiplied when combined with regular exercise. In short, it reduces wear and tear on both body and mind, helping people live better and longer.

It only takes a moment or two, several times a day, to allow the body to let go and relax. At any moment, you can close your eyes and take two or three deep breathes and release whatever tension you may be carrying. If you have more time, sit, or lie down quietly, and talk your body into complete relaxation. Say silently to yourself, my toes are relaxing, my ankles are letting go, and so on. Working all the way down your body.

At the end of this simple exercise, you’ll feel peaceful and calmful for a while. Repeating this process on a regular basis can create a peaceful state within you. This is very positive, physical mediation that you can do anywhere.

As a society we made meditation into something mysterious and difficult to achieve, yet meditation is one of the oldest and simplest process we can do. Yes, we can make it complicated with specialized breathing and ritualized mantras. Those meditations are fine for advanced students. Still, everyone can meditate now, it is easy.

All we have to do is sit or lie down quietly, close our eyes, and take a few deep breathes. The body will automatically relax, we dont have to do anything to force it. We can repeat the words peace, healing, love, or anything thats meaningful to us. We could even say we love ourselves. or all is well. Everything is working out for my higher good. Out of this situation only good will come.

I am safe….

We can say silently. “What is it I need to know.” or “I am willing to learn .” Then just be there quietly…..
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