free affirmations Fear of rejection

Present Tense Affirmations

I am free from fear of rejection
I am socially confident
I take risks even when I feel fear
I remain relaxed even though I might be rejected
I always stay positive in intimidating social situations
I am confident in new situations
I am good at talking to new people
I always take the risk of going after something I want
I accept rejection with a positive attitude
I think positively about myself no matter how others may feel

Future Tense Affirmations

I will overcome my fear of rejection
Every day I become more confident and outgoing
Taking social risks is becoming easier
I am finding myself more relaxed in social situations
Introducing myself to new people is becoming easier
I will stay positive even if I am rejected
I am becoming naturally confident and outgoing
I am beginning to enjoy the excitement of meeting new people
I am starting to let my guard down and take chances
Each day I become more confident in the face of uncertainty

Natural Affirmations

I am naturally carefree
Confidence comes naturally to me
I accept myself no matter what happens
I know that rejection is a natural part of life
I know I will succeed eventually
I speak my mind without fear of rejection
Feeling confident is the most natural thing in the world
Others are attracted to my positive and inviting energy
When new opportunities come my way I take action
People see me as someone who isn’t afraid to take risks

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